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Natural safe Glow!

Yes yes we can all go tanning to look nice and dark, but do we really know the affects it has on our skin? No we don’t but we will know once we begin seeing more and more birth marks popping up that are becoming darker and growing drastically. This recently happened to a close friend of mine and was soon diagnosed with skin cancer, on top of being out in the sun any chance she got, she did the whole orange tanning mixup! WRONG!
Why go and pay for cancer when you can pay for a beautiful natural tanned glow and not worry about any symptoms or illnesses to follow, just nice firm, floral scented, darkened, radiant and glowing skin!

Love this and use it daily by the 3rd day you will see the effects!



Want to learn how to braid?

Don’t know how to braid?

Comment below and request a how to guide from me

I will teach you step by step on how to do any braid you like…



are so in right now in any way shape or form!!! ♥♥♥


Only 5 minutes left to do your hair?

An elegant or messy bun takes only seconds to make and looks great for any event school, office, formal evening or a night out on the town!

1.Pull all of you hair to one side and tie in a side ponytail. 

2. Then with bobby pins, you can do one of two things: 

  • messy bun: grab the pony tail and press the hair to the head and pin wherever needed to create a messy bun without any hair hanging out…
  • .. Image
  • or 
  • a neat twisted bun: comb out the pony tail to smooth out the hair, then begin twisting until the twist begins to turn into a bun, then pin behind the bun wherever necessary to keep in place
  • Image


Beach Waves


The beach means loose, sexy waves, tousled hair and light, carefree makeup. Beach makeup is all about trends and all about practicality. We’re not interested in makeup which slides off midday – we want makeup with added staying power!

Here’s our lowdown of the best beach finds…

    •    MAC prep and prime SPF50 – no self-respecting diva should be without her sunblock, but many can be heavy and leave a greasy after feel on the skin. Not this one. MAC combines its space age oil-zapping formula with a whooping SPF50 so you can step onto the beach knowing you’re protected from makeup slip, shine and the sun. All in one fell swoop!

    •    Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner – We don’t do panda eyes. EVER. We do sophisticated and ‘stay-put’ in style using this legendary formula which has been a firm favourite with movie stars, celebs, makeup artists and fashionistas alike. Apart from the no-smudge staying power of this eyeliner, you can move it around while still wet so mistakes are easily corrected. Once dried, only a dedicated makeup remover is going to get it off!

    •    Benefit Benetint and Posietint –flushed cheeks and bitten lips are seriously sexy and never EVER go out of fashion. These tints provide just enough red and pink to give your skin a beautiful flush of color so you look gorgeously glowing. And because it can be used on the lips, its hard working as a multi-tasker, saving you time, money AND space in your makeup bag. Oh, and did I mention that the color stays put? Genius.

    •    Cornsilk translucent powder  – this iconic brand from yesteryear is a golden oldie for a reason – because it works on all skin tones to mattify and give skin a velvety finish. And the pot lasts for ages – so it’s budget friendly as well. We love the silky texture which is smooth and never chalky. Our mums loved it for a reason.

    •    Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – The original mascara which built a nation of beautiful eyes, this iconic mascara with its retro packaging is shabby chic at its best. The color is intense and the formula never clumps – just delivers a smooth shot of lash – lengthening color that never fails to impress. Or smudge. We suggest the waterproof version for summer.

    •    Maybelline Mineral Foundation – you might not have expected to find this in your beach bag, but a little goes a long way, it gives a gorgeously radiant finish and best of all, has an impressive range of 12 shades – all at a price that won’t break the bank. Of all the drugstore mineral makeup brands, this one gets a huge thumbs up. No more blocked pores and visible shine, although if you have oily skin, make sure you prime skin beforehand.

There you have it, my beach staples….until next time, 
Stay beautiful!
Gillian Calmus
The Event Makeup Artist

The Makeup Show

The makeup show is coming up soon! May 2012 in NYC!

See you there!

The Right Foundation?


Brushes or sponge? Textures vs finish, velvet or dewy? And just how DO you pick your right shade of foundation without it looking like a mask? I’ve discovered that my girlfriends as well as my lovely subscribers all have the same questions when it comes to foundation, so this week I’m taking you on a foundation masterclass…

Foundation Basics: How To Find Your Ideal Skin Tone!

Look at the undertones of your skin. Do you have pink or yellow undertones? Are you a cool or warm complexion? Would you class yourself as light, medium or dark? Most women have yellow undertones to their skin, and so picking a yellow based foundation will avoid you looking chalky.

And how do you know if you are warm or cool? Simple – look at your wardrobe! If you suit warm colors, you are warm toned, and if you suit cool colors, your cool toned. If you easily look good in both, you are a neutral tone.  This will help you choose the correct foundation for your skin tone and help you avoid making expensive mistakes!

How Do I Select The Correct Shade?

Simple, once you know your skin tone, simple choose three different foundation shades and apply each onto your cheeks in a stripe – so you should have three stripes going up your cheek. The shade which disappears into your skin is the right shade for you.

How Do I Apply My Foundation For The Best Finish?

This is a matter of preference – I prefer to use my fingers as I can get into all the nooks, plus the warmth from my fingers helps to blend it in. Other prefer a sponge but here’s the thing – it tends to soak up a lot of product. The best tip is to use a damp sponge – not only do you use less product, but it gives a more sheer coverage.

Product of the Week: MAC Foundation Brush

If you want flawless application, a foundation brush wins hands down for total luminosity and coverage. MAC foundation brush is expensive yes, however, the coverage from this brush is nothing short of amazing and looks like you’ve airbrushed your skin. A definite winner and one makeup artists go for each and every time!

Which Is The Right Texture And Finish For Me?

Mineral powders give a very natural and light look with a semi-matt finish,  so are perfect for daily use. Compact foundations give a matt look and are heavier and better for those skin types who need to cover flaws. Liquids give a sheer or dewy finish (usually) and you can build up layers, so are the most workable. Mousses are great for those who want mess free matte application and want to apply and go. And a foundation stick is portable, can be used as a concealer and provides heavier matte coverage for hiding blemishes.

So there you go, your basic foundation masterclass crash course on selecting the right foundation! And if you want to know more about foundation including correct application techniques, then grab The Event Makeup Artist – the ideal solution for helping you apply makeup like a professional artist!

as per: Gillian Calmus